Why We Use QuickBooks Online

Long ago, a business associate asked me a question that has always stuck with me, “Who has the best product: the one with tons of unused features or the one with all the features that the buyer needs?”  Usually, people think of the options and gadgets on cars when it comes to unused features, but software is the same way.  For many buyers, the “best” product is the one that gives them the tools they deem most important at a price point they are comfortable with.  After all, there are plenty of people in the world who could by a fully loaded BMW or Mercedes but opt for a Ford.  This article isn’t about cars, but it is about why our firm choose to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant.  

Loads of Small Businesses Are Already Using QuickBooks

Here was one of the keys for our decision.  Intuit, the designer of QuickBooks, has captured the lion’s share of the small business market with the several versions of QuickBooks they sell and while we, as a firm, continue to use and support many other types of bookkeeping and accounting software, QuickBooks Online is one of the major players in the market.  To put it another way, we choose to fish where the fish were – our clients can easily understand the systems that QuickBooks has and thus, the solutions we put in place for them are easier to train and implement. 

At the same time, many of the CPA firms that we work with used QuickBooks Online Accountant, so how would any of our partners or clients benefit if we wrote our own software system to simply do the same thing that an off-the-shelf program could do?

The choice was easy!

QuickBooks Online Eliminates All File Corruptions Issues

As a company that is in the business of solving bookkeeping problems, another reason we choose to use and recommend QuickBooks Online was that, in our experience, an online and cloud-based system eliminated the file corruption issues.  This problem plagues any kind of software that is not updated in a timely fashion and, by taking the software online, QuickBooks solved one of the biggest problems and most costly issues that we had; namely, fixing corrupted files that new clients did not know how to fix. 

Joe Woodward probably does a better job than anyone in describing – in technical terms – this benefit here.  The ultimate goal, for all of us in the company, is to keep clients happy and be able to organize and orchestrate easy-to-use data for our clients.  When we deal with corrupted files or have to sort them out, that costs us time and our clients money.  Software that is updated virtually and automatically makes life better for everyone.

Easy to Share with Clients

Another huge selling point for Intuit’s systems was how easy they make access and sharing.  All of us know a small business owner who tries to do everything in an Excel spreadsheet and you can imagine, as the business gets more complicated, any change in a single system requires a new copy of that program to be shared with a partner.  At one point in time, of course, this was considered smart, but with connectivity today, QuickBooks Online lets anyone who is supposed to have access pull the information they need, when they need it.  I absolutely understand the need for security in today’s business, but the level of security we’ve observed in QuickBooks is such that we don’t have any concerns with our QuickBooks clients. 

This actually brings up a more compelling reason to use an online system – how many times do you “accidentally” leave browsers open when using a public network?  When a system is designed to be shared online, the security protocols are more robust.  Banks expect to have to thwart robbery attempts, carpet stores don’t – who would you rather have watching your money?

QuickBooks App Store

QuickBooks launched an App Store to support all their various platforms nearly five years ago and the result is hundreds of apps that are available for Intuit users to incorporate into their business.  While it is true that any major software provider will allow developers to build applications that will provide value to the end user, the QuickBooks version is filled with what we would consider “real” solutions, not fluff. 

Again we find that the sheer size of the community that QuickBooks Online is serving allows third party developers to create functional and safe solutions that have a real bearing on the needs of our clients.  Where we once would have to resort to writing specific custom solutions to solve a client’s challenge, now, in many cases, we can find a functional and easy answer within an “off-the-shelf” app that integrates perfectly with QuickBooks. 
When it comes to bookkeeping software, there are plenty of solutions and even today, we work with most of them as we help our clients in their own businesses.  On the rare occasion that a client isn’t sure about the right software for their bookkeeping, then our answer is almost always QuickBooks, especially the online version.  If you’re on the fence deciding on the right solution for your company’s bookkeeping needs, then by all means, reach out to us and let’s see if QuickBooks Online is the right answer for you or if there is another bookkeeping software that is a better fit.



By: Chris Groote

All rights reserved to: Bookkeepwithus.com