Our Service Definitions

Extract data from financial Sources:

The process in which we take the source information provided by the client and pull all the needed to complete the financials statements.

Categorized expenses:

An expense is the cost of an asset used by a company in its operations to produce revenues. Our bookkeepers will locate each expense and allocated accordingly every month for your peace of mind.

Mapped vendors to the corresponding account:

Mapping vendors simply put, is where we let the accounting software know that every time they see this particular vendors name it should automatically route to corresponding account.

Reconciles accounts:

Enter Data into your accounting software:

Categorized deposits (Income) one line:

Separate personal expenses mixed with business expenses:

Revenue Recognition:

Enter Sales Receipts/Invoices from Merchant:

Match deposits to payments and Invoices:

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Payables:

Track Revenue / Expenses by different lines of business (Class):

Accrued expenses and Income:

Separate personal expenses mixed with business expenses:

Categorized expenses by job/customer/project:

Make all Necessary adjustments:

Reconcile accounts: